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Don Jr. Sends Eyes Rolling All The Way Back With His Latest Meme Celebrating Kyle Rittenhouse

Don Jr. Sends Eyes Rolling All The Way Back With His Latest Meme Celebrating Kyle Rittenhouse
Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images; Sean Krajacic/Pool/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. was harshly criticized after he shared a meme showing his father, former President Donald Trump, presenting Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse with the congressional Medal of Honor.

It's unclear who created the meme, which Trump Jr. captioned on Instagram with the phrase, "2024?? Who knows?" implying his father would award Rittenhouse in the event he wins the next general election.

The meme appears to be Trump Jr.'s latest attempt to rehabilitate Rittenhouse, who last week was acquitted of all charges relating to the fatal shootings of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and injuring Gaige Grosskreutz during the Kenosha unrest.

Earlier this week, Trump Jr. suggested Rittenhouse was doing a good deed when he killed "serial pedophiles" like Rosenbaum—a mentally ill homeless man who at the time of his death, was on the Wisconsin sex offender registry for a case in Arizona.

Many have pushed back against Trump Jr.'s efforts.

Rittenhouise has long courted the adoration of conservatives, including prominent Republicans who have offered him a wealth of opportunities following his acquittal.

Republican Representatives Madison Cawthorn (North Carolina), Paul Gosar (Arizona) and Matt Gaetz (Florida) have faced heavy criticism after indicating their offices would offer Rittenhouse a position as a congressional intern.

Gosar, in particular, said he would "arm wrestle" Gaetz to "get dibs for Rittenhouse as an intern" and suggested elsewhere Rittenhouse should be granted the congressional Medal of Honor.

Over the weekend, Mark Richards, a defense attorney for Rittenhouse, called Trump Jr. an "idiot" in response to a since-deleted tweet from Trump Jr. announcing Gun Owners of America—a gun rights organization—will award Rittenhouse an AR-15.

Richards said he doesn't "have to expand on that," adding Trump Jr.'s behavior "speaks for itself."

He went on to criticize the "disgusting" Republican Party for trying to cash in on Rittenhouse's notoriety,