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Trump's All-Caps Tweet About History Repeating Itself Turns Into Glorious Self-Own

Trump's All-Caps Tweet About History Repeating Itself Turns Into Glorious Self-Own

President Trump's Twitter feed seems to exist in blissful unawareness of reality around him.

How else could tweets like this one be possible?

Many assume Trump wrote the tweet in defense of the many Confederate monuments that are being torn down in the midst of America's racial reckoning.

Surprising no one, President Trump seems to be on the side of the Confederacy, and seems to think tearing down monuments honoring their generals is akin to forgetting the Civil War.

But, as is almost always the case with President Trump, many felt his tweet said more about himself than the world around him.

Trump himself seems to be denying who the "bad guys" were during the Civil War.

Reasonable people can remember and learn about dark figures from history without honoring them with statues and military bases.

Italy and Germany remember WWII, Iraq remembers Saddam Hussein, Russia remembers communism and people in the United States applauded when monuments to the leaders of those periods were torn down.

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Meanwhile, others felt they had to point out that President Trump hadn't remembered history well enough to get the quote right.

If anyone has been denying history lately, it's probably President Trump.

Many online used this brief history lesson to push them towards the polls this November.

Others felt Trump made the case to stop glorifying violent seditious traitors who fought for their right to own Black people as property.

One can only wonder if President Trump's behavior might change if an accurate history course was offered in the White House.