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Harvard Law Professor Says Trump's 'Civil War' Tweet Alone Is Now Grounds For Impeachment

Harvard Law Professor Says Trump's 'Civil War' Tweet Alone Is Now Grounds For Impeachment

In the face of impeachment, it seems only fitting that President Donald Trump would dig the hole he's in even deeper by committing even more impeachable offenses.

On Sunday, September 29, President Trump tweeted out a warning that the country would break out into a civil war if he was removed from office.

Many read the tweet as immoral and threatening.

Even more significantly, however, some legal scholars believe the tweet itself may be further grounds for impeachment.

John Coates, a professor at Harvard Law, said that the President was blatantly flouting the Constitution.

Others agreed with Coates on legal grounds, though they also recognized that, politically, there were many better reasons to seek impeachment.

This isn't the first time people in the Trump orbit have threatened civil war if Congress exercised their right to impeach him.

Nonetheless, many felt Trump's threat didn't carry any bite outside of social media.

Twitter entertained itself by imagining what Civil War letters would look like in the age of the internet.

Trump himself would, of course, never be able to actually fight in a war.

While we may joke to keep our spirits up, the situation we're in is a very serious one.

The House of Representatives is currently issuing subpoenas as part of their inquiry into the President's violations of the constitution.

This is a critical point in American history.

The Ken Burns' documentary miniseries The Civil War Restored for 25th Anniversary Edition is available here.


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