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An Anti-Trump Art Student Mowed A Giant NSFW Message Into The Field Where Trump Landed For His UK Visit

If you're a teen in the U.K., what better way to spend the weekend ahead of American president Trump's visit than by mowing a very special NSFW message into the grass near the airport he'll be flying into.

18-year-old Ollie Nancarrow, an art student from Bishop's Stortford, mowed his messages into the grass near Stansted Airport, where Trump flew into the country for his visit.

First, Nancarrow planned to grab the President's attention with the words "OI TRUMP," alongside the image of a giant penis. Then, nearby, Nancarrow wrote "CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL" alongside the profile of a polar bear.

Nancarrow commented on his newest work to The Independent, saying:

"Donald Trump and his denial of climate change are not welcome and I want him to be fully aware of that when he flies in to Stansted on Monday."

Nancarrow is also the founder of Born Eco, a website where consumers can find eco-friendly businesses to buy from.

Brits, who have arranged many large-scale protests to denounce Trump's policies, were proud of the teen's work.

What a way for the President to start his visit in England!

A few people were concerned, however, that the President may take the image as a compliment...

Whether or not Trump got the message, Twitter had to admit Nancarrow's work was well-executed.

In London, tens of thousands of people are expected to march through Trafalgar Square to protest the President's visit.

Say what you will about Trump, he inspires people to do amazing things.

Welcome to England, President Trump! Don't forget: as you badmouth the royal family and tweet embarrassing attacks, the planet is being destroyed by climate change.