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Trump Roasted After Absurdly Claiming That His Disastrous ABC Town Hall Got 'Great Reviews'


President Donald Trump's recent town hall on ABC was widely panned after Trump's rambling, off-topic answers left many viewers feel he was unwilling or unable to address their concerns. The event also gave fact-checkers a plethora of tidbits to research, review and ultimately discredit once compared to the facts.

In other words, the POTUS lied. A lot.

Trump seemed blissfully unaware of the public's response, however. He went on Twitter and thanked the world for great reviews.

But multiple moments from the town hall were so embarrassing for Trump that they went viral.

Mr. President, where are you reading these reviews?

Many people online began to doubt the President's connection to reality.

It's hard to imagine a more disastrous town hall appearance.

Twitter users couldn't help but laugh at the President's blatant attempt to save face.

Sorry, Mr. President, but saying something went well doesn't make it true.