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Trump Superfan Thinks Impeachment Lawyer Must Be A 'Deep State Plant' After His Bad Performance

Trump Superfan Thinks Impeachment Lawyer Must Be A 'Deep State Plant' After His Bad Performance via Getty Images

Bruce Castor's performance in the Senate chamber yesterday was so abysmal that even Republicans think it's a joke.

After Castor rambled nonsensically for what seemed like hours, he was invoking Twitter-wide comparisons to the likes of My Cousin Vinny and was reportedly "screamed at" by Trump afterwards.

Bill Mitchell, a Trump fan active on Parler, even suggested that Castor was a Deep State plant designed to throw Trump's trial.

After first mistakenly identifying himself as the "lead prosecutor"—the position opposing Castor—the opening statement continued going downhill from there.

Some choice moments of word salad include:

"We are so understanding of the concept that people's minds can be overpowered with emotion, where logic does not immediately kick in, that we have recognized examples that otherwise would be hearsay and said that, no, when you're driving down the street, and you look over at your wife, and you say, 'Hey, you know what, that guy is about to drive through the red light and kill that person,' your wife can testify to what you said, because, even though it's technically hearsay, it's an exception, because it's the event living through the person."

If you're wondering why you can't follow the logic of that quote, it's because it's entirely illogical.

Castor's rambling was so disarming and poor that former governor of New Jersey and Trump ally Chris Christie called it "unthinkable."

"That's a prosecutor's dream come true, for a defense lawyer to stand up during opening and say, 'Wow, wasn't that something? Boy, that was so powerful, we changed strategy'."

The impeachment trial is entering into its third day and the evidence is piling up against Trump.

A video shown in chambers today brought a gruesome reality to light—most of the Senators only narrowly avoided serious injury or death.

Can Bruce Castor really defend that?