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PA MAGA Crowd Boos After Trump Tells Them They Need To Secure 'Massive Victory' For Dr. Oz

PA MAGA Crowd Boos After Trump Tells Them They Need To Secure 'Massive Victory' For Dr. Oz
RSBN; Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

While former Republican President Donald Trump seems to have gone all-in in support of Dr. Mehmet Oz's bid for one of Pennsylvania's Senate seats, Pennsylvania Republicans seem to have a very different idea.

During a rally in Greensburg on Friday evening—intended to promote Oz's run for Senate—Trump's promotion of the TV doctor didn't quite go according to plan.

The audience seemed to be there mostly to see Trump.

Some outright booed when he said he wanted a strong showing to "secure a massive victory" for Oz at the polls.

You can see video here:

Trump was highly critical of Oz's opponent, David McCormick, branding him "not MAGA."

"Dr. Oz is running against the liberal Wall Street Republican named David McCormick. [He] may be a nice guy, but he’s not MAGA."

Twitter users were merciless in their mockery, as usual.

It would appear McCormick is especially unhappy Oz has garnered Trump's favor.

McCormick has run ads focusing on Oz's dual citizenship with Turkey, claiming his dual citizenship indicates divided loyalties.

Oz's campaign spokesperson Brittany Yanick told The Philadelphia Enquirer:

"These are pathetic and xenophobic attacks on Dr. Oz by David McCormick, who should be ashamed of himself."
"Now that he lost President Trump’s endorsement, he’s resorted to sad and desperate attacks that are no different than the tropes used against Catholics and Jews."

Meanwhile, voters are pointing out that neither Oz nor McCormick are Pennsylvanians.

Both men have been called rich out-of-staters trying to buy the Pennsylvania Senate seat.

It remains to be seen whether Trump's encouragement will help to bolster Oz's support enough to gain him a win by the primary in June.