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Trump 'Thanks' Elizabeth Warren And Encourages Bernie Voters To Join The Republican Party In Faux Celebratory Twitter Rant

On Wednesday, April 8, Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign, presumably clearing the way for Joe Biden to claim the Democratic nomination and become Donald Trump's opponent in November.

One person who couldn't wait to tweet about the news was the President himself.

Trump decided (in the midst of a pandemic which has shut down huge swaths of the country) that now was the perfect time to continue his petty attacks on his political opponents.

Trump first reached out to disappointed Bernie supporters, telling them the Democratic National Committee was part of a conspiracy to destroy their candidate and that they should, of course, become Republicans.

Trump has no evidence to support his claims and, of course, has a long history of spreading conspiracy theories.

He continued to try and sow discord among Democrats by calling out progressive members of Congress who endorsed Bernie Sanders.

Trump's talking points were predictably parroted by his cheerleaders on Fox News.

There were even some Bernie Sanders supporters who felt they agreed with the President.

Donald Trump's thought process writing these tweets wasn't hard to figure out for anyone on the internet.

He knows his best chance of winning reelection will be reduced turnout from youth and a split Democratic party.

Most people, however, didn't seem taken in by Trump's obvious attempts to pit them against each other.

Many openly wondered how Trump actually thought his plan would work.

Bernie Sanders would do anything to stop Donald Trump's second term in office.

As the President tweeted his empty gossip, thousands of Americans continued to suffer due to the pandemic, and true leaders unified to keep the nation running smoothly.

In the lead up to November, this will likely be far from the last time President Trump takes time out of his busy day to tweet about Joe Biden.

Perhaps next time he'll try slightly smarter strategy.