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Trevor Noah: 'War Horny' John Bolton a 'Dangerous' Pick for National Security Adviser

Tell us how you really feel, Trevor.

Trevor Noah: 'War Horny' John Bolton a 'Dangerous' Pick for National Security Adviser

Host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah tore into Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, President Donald Trump's pick to become his new National Security Adviser.

On Tuesday night, Noah took Bolton to task over his hawkish foreign policy chops, noting Bolton's history of pushing for war rather than diplomacy.

McMaster "is being replaced by 'Gepetto Cosplayer' John Bolton," joked Noah. "While Bolton may look like a harmless model train enthusiast, he's developed a notorious rep as a guy who really wants to bomb everyone."

Noah continued.

"The point is, John Bolton is ready to thrown down with anyone at any time. He's basically Suge Knight, if Suge Knight looked the opposite of Suge Knight. That's who he is."

Noah went on to call Bolton "war horny" because "he's still defending the one war that everyone agrees was a terrible idea." Noah was referring, of course, to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Trump fired his second NSA, General H.R. McMaster, last week over Twitter. Because he did the fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in the same manner, the interwebs are joking that McMaster got "Tillersoned."

This afternoon, Trump also "Tillersoned" Army Secretary David Shulkin.

Trump's pick to replace McMaster, John Bolton, is an infamous warhawk who has called for the bombing of Iran and North Korea. Bolton is also a Fox News analyst.

Bolton also faced scrutiny in 2005 over his temper and alleged violent behavior during his time working for the State Department. He's been described as a man who chases women around hotel rooms, throwing staples at them when he gets angry.

"God damn, this guy sounds dangerous," Noah added. "I hope they arm all his staff with river congratulations John Bolton on your new position as National Security Adviser. Although if you think about it, you'd probably have a better chance of Trump listening to you if you had just stayed on Fox News."

Bolton has referred to a potential 'preventative' strike in North Korea as "perfectly legitimate," and has repeatedly called for the nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran to be torn up. He has suggested that the U.S. should "overthrow the regime in Iran."

Twitter had a field day with the segment, taking further jabs at Trump's new right-hand man.

"Model train enthusiast. Lols. Looks like the cartoons I watched decades ago on Saturdays. Total war monger. My the exact person you do not wanna see advise Drumpf on national security. Ouch."

And what happened to Trump's campaign pledge to hire "the best people?"

"Don't worry, Trump said he'd get the "best" people. He's gone through a lot already, but eventually I'm sure he will find one that will stick."