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Writer Rents Creepy Cabin In The Woods And Basically Becomes A Walking Horror Movie Cliché As Strange Things Start Happening

Comic book author Tom Taylor needed to get away from the world to do some writing, so he rented a cabin out in the middle of the woods thinking some nature might be just what he needed to get the creative juices flowing.

Unfortunately, once he arrived, he found out the cabin was more "terrifying" than "cozy."

Immediately, fans were concerned for Taylor's safety:

Things got even spookier for Taylor when strange things started happening...

Oh no...

Twitter had seen enough horror movies to know that Taylor's life was in danger!

But things just kept getting stranger.


Things began escalating quickly!

This could be the end for Taylor...

At this moment of life-threatening terror, a few fans decided to do a fun bit off to the side.

Ok, back to Tom's terrifying story, in which he has calmed down somewhat:

But a little bit later, Taylor returned with a skin-crawling update.

Wait, WHAT?!

This can't be happening...

Just when they had thought Taylor was safe, his fans had a last bout of worry.

A few followers had a suggestion to really complete the "horror movie" experience:

But then...Tom went silent.

What happened to Taylor? Well...we'll never know.

If this hasn't thoroughly terrified you, then perhaps you ought to brush up on your Cabin In The Woods lore.