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Guy Jokingly Uses A Gender-Swap Snapchat Photo On Tinder—And Is Caught Off Guard By The Reaction From Other Men


That new SnapChat filter where you can create an exaggerated version of yourself in either gender filter is really fun but also slightly unsettling.

One man learned that the hard way when he put it on his Tinder profile.

Troy Sey from Los Angeles, California, posted his alter-ego, "Tracy."

Tracy got lots of interest from other dudes.

Here is Troy:

Tracy is extremely pretty, even though she isn't real.

Sey was looking to see if the responses to his profile would be different, and by gum, they were.

Sey got over 100 swipes in 20 minutes.

Despite a warning: "Compliment me for a surprise ;)" men continued to send messages to the not-so-real Tracy.

"I honestly thought it was obvious that I was a guy using the gender-swap filter, but to my surprise, I got so many genuine compliments," Sey said.

"I've learned that if you put a bio up on Tinder like I did, guys will ignore all red flags for some potential 'surprises.'"

And they must have gotten the surprise they were promised.

He says reactions to the truth about who he is were.... mixed.

Some people jumped to messaging him directly.

"Damn u look good tho," said one of "Tracy's" potential suitors. "Must be a handsome fella."

Sey said that Tracy's world is very different from his own on apps.

"I could get someone to swipe right on me maybe a few times a week — at most."

But he is now way over the 100 mark and the messages feel unsettling.

"I always knew it was happening," he said. "But it's pretty eye-opening experiencing firsthand."

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