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Woman's Tinder Date Told Her His Wife Had 'Tragically' Died—And Then She Did Some Digging

Woman's Tinder Date Told Her His Wife Had 'Tragically' Died—And Then She Did Some Digging

A TikTok video of a woman explaining how she caught her date in a horrific lie went viral with 71.2 thousand views.

The video started with a clip from @findingmrheight saying:

"Tell me about the worst date you've ever been on."

Sissy Hankshaw 'stitched' the video to hers as a response.

She began telling about her perfectly normal date with a nice guy with a son.


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She explained:

"I went on a Tinder date with this guy who was a teacher. He was 25, he taught elementary school kids, I'm like 'oh that's so sweet.'"

The man claimed his son's mother died "tragically" so he is a single dad.

But he was well supported by his fellow teachers when it came to taking care of his son. She joked she was interested in him because she loves "pain and sadness."

She found the story about his wife intriguing. Intriguing enough to see if she could learn more about the incident that caused her death.

So after their date, she took a look at social media to see what else she could learn about her date's late wife.

"I went to stalk her on Instagram and I went back to show my friend and looked back on a different day and when I did she had new posts."
"And so I stalked even further and found her whole family and career history on the internet."

The plot thickened:

"Turns out she was not dead at all."
"She was very much alive, and they were very much together in a relationship."
"And he was so normal. He was the most normal person I'd been on a date with, in a long time."

Since it was clearly a blatant lie, she decided to confront him about it.

In response he decided to gaslight her as if she was actually dead.

"He told me that I was lying and that she was actually dead… she was alive."





A few people had similar experiences which is... slightly concerning.



If you were wondering if Hankshaw reached out to the wife who was very much alive, she did.


We aren't sure what happened after Hankshaw sent the wife a direct message. Maybe there'll be an update.