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Tilda Swinton Called Out After Admitting She Refuses To Adhere To COVID Protocols On Set

The Oscar winner claimed she is 'very healthy,' but has also talked in the past about suffering from long COVID.

Tilda Swinton
Gary Miller/WireImage/Getty Images

Tilda Swinton made a keynote appearance at South by Southwest earlier this week promoting her film Problemista, and some of her comments about the pandemic has people speaking out on social media.

The Oscar winner revealed she is done with the pandemic and COVID protocols, sharing her glee that audience members weren't even required to wear masks at the event.

She later shared:

"I'm about to shoot a picture in Ireland, and I was told to wear a mask at all times, and I'm not."

Swinton added:

"I'm sure this is being recorded."

She then noted that she is "very healthy," despite contracting COVID several times.

You can watch the conversation below.

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Viewers of the keynote called out Swinton for her comments, many noting that she of all people knows the potential severity an infection can cause, given the star's struggle with long COVID symptoms.

She told W Magazinejust last year that she continued to face effects from COVID including struggles with her memory, claiming she has to "work my brain."

A majority on Twitter were disappointed in Swinton's stance on the issue.

People on social media also noted the irony that later in the keynote, Swinton expressed her concern of the film industry's attitude of self-centeredness.

"There is a belief that when you make a film, or write a story, that all the focus is on you as an individual. The spotlight is on you."
"One thing that I can attest to, that I am actually a real poster child of, is staying collective. You don't have to get separated from your kin and your herd."

She added:

“There is a such a new virus in the air about being an individual, which frankly speaking, people of our generation didn’t have to deal with, because there was there was more respect for and investment in collective action."
"But now I do feel that there is pressure on fine artists to cut ties, grow big balls and be a narcissist. And that might put a lot of people off.”