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Guy Who Works From Home Comes Up With Hilarious Hack To Show He's 'Active' Online All Day

Guy Who Works From Home Comes Up With Hilarious Hack To Show He's 'Active' Online All Day

Working from home is fantastic—until the day when your boss begins insisting you remaining online all day and monitors your status to enforce it, right?

Well, one guy on TikTok has a hack for that.

TikToker Joey McDonald, who goes by @thelastjoey on the app, posted his perfect fix a few weeks ago, and it has gone mega-viral ever since.

Mainly because it's ridiculous and hilarious, of course. But it just might be ingenious all the same! The fix? Simply tie your computer mouse to your Roomba.

See how it works below.


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In onscreen text, McDonald called out an all too familiar problem for work-from-homers nowadays.

"When you boss requires you to be 'active' online throughout the day."

Especially since the pandemic, scores of former cubicle-dwellers have turned into home-office types. But especially as the worst of the pandemic has begun to subside, many workers have found their bosses have begun cracking down on the downtime that is so much easier to hide at home than in the office.

And some have even begun requiring employees to return to the office, despite safety concerns and a nearly unanimous preference to stay home among employees.

Obviously, McDonald's solution is a joke—if nothing else, as anyone who's ever used a Roomba will tell you, eventually it will get stuck on a rug or a threshold or behind a piece of furniture and then you're mouse is idle and you're right back where you started.

But there are actual real-world solutions for this problem that are soaring in popularity during the pandemic, such as mouse-jigglers—either software or actual devices that move your mouse or cursor for you every so often to make sure you appear "online" to your boss.

But McDonald's Roomba hack is definitely not without its fans, mainly for the laughs it gave them.







Others had their own "mouse hack" ideas they shared in the comments.





Good luck out there, work-from-homers!