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People Are Slapping Each Other With Tortillas In Hilarious Viral TikTok Challenge—And It's Glorious

People Are Slapping Each Other With Tortillas In Hilarious Viral TikTok Challenge—And It's Glorious
@mrashleyhaynes/TikTok; @pattysbrain101/TikTok; @josiah.azevedo/TikTok

We've all dreamed of slapping the lights out of someone at one time or another. And slapping them with a tortilla?

Well, think about it—it's all the more glorious.

Which is probably why a hilarious new TikTok trend of doing just that—slapping people with delicious discs of flour or stone-ground corn—is going wildly viral.

Yes, people are actually slapping each other with the delectable vessels for quesadillas and tacos. But there's an extra layer to this—the slappees are also holding liquid in their mouths at the time of the tortilla slap.

Listen, TikTok is a very strange place, but just go with it, because trust us—the results of this "Tortilla Challenge" are nothing short of glorious, even if it's all a bit corny (sorry).

See an example below.


#FYP #VIRAL #tortillachallenge #coupleschallenge

Now you probably have some questions, most notably, why?

Well, we "did it for the 'gram" for years and now we're doing it for the 'tok, or whatever. At this point you should know better than to ask "why?" about a social media challenge.

There are a few variations on this particular challenge. Most people, like the couple above, play a game of "rock, paper, scissors" to see who gets tortilla-slapped first.

The object of the game seems to be to keep from laughing and spitting the water in your mouth all over your opponent, a task this family failed at decisively.


#tortilla #tortillatrend #challenge #friendships #bestbuds #hilarious #tiktokcanada

Ah, the agony of defeat.

And some people take the whole thing a bit too seriously, like this couple, half of whom ended up with a giant tortilla-shaped red mark on her face after completing the challenge.


Reply to @nerdacid this is why we can’t do trends @alixcasey @officialstephenlomas #tortillatrend #couples

And then there's this family, who employed a genius bait-and-switch technique to win the whole thing in mere seconds.


I have never seen someone hit so hard with a tortilla @Laura Frisone @SisterFrizzz #tortillachallenge

The trend has even gone international, with Australian twin brother influencers @lukeandsassyscott getting in on the action.

And as befits Pride Month, the gay Sassy Scott really excelled at the whole thing.


Scott needs to lift his Rock Paper Scissors game #fyp #funny #brother #sassy #tortillatrend #tortillachallenge #tortilla

Naturally, people on TikTok are cutting up about this absurd trend.






And the challenge has made its way to Twitter as well.

So, get slap happy folks!

Just remember to play responsibly.