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Guy Heckles Comedian Before Getting Up To Use Bathroom—And She Makes Him Regret It

Comedian Steph Tolev was having none of a man's heckling during her set, especially after he got up to use the bathroom right after she called him out—so when she saw him return to his seat three sets later, it was game on.

Screenshots of comedian Steph Tolev confronting heckler

A heckler proved he was no match for the comedian who torched him when he returned from using the bathroom during the show.

Canadian stand-up comedian Steph Tolev was performing a set as part of a show that featured other comedians when the rude audience member tried to rush her by telling her to move on.

"Move on? Well, well, well," remarked Tolev, as she moseyed over to the provocateur and put her foot up on a stool on the stage.

Sensing an impending showdown, the man got up and left his seat, presumably for the bathroom.

But Tolev was not going to let off him so easily.

"Oh, he's leaving? He's a p*ssy," she said, eliciting cheers from the audience.

"Look at this f'kin' p*ssy walking out, taking his beer out to the bathroom."
"Disgusting. You going to p*ss in that f'kin can, fill it back up, come back.”

The comedian and actor asked the laughing crowd if she should follow him to the bathroom with an extension cord for the mic and ask him:

"You think I'm done? This isn't over!"

The text overlay in the viral video noted that the heckler remained in the bathroom, for three sets from three different comedians, probably regretting his decision to dish it out when he couldn't take it.

Warning: NSFW language.

But Tolev wasn't done. In fact, she had been plotting her next move in the guy's absence.

When she saw the heckler return to his seat, she reclaimed the spotlight in the middle of fellow comedian Mike Glazer's act.

Glazer enthusiastically handed her the mic and jumped up and down in anticipation of witnessing the guy's impending demise.

"Well, well, well," said Tolev.

“Back in his seat. Look who’s back in his… You thought I was done!”

"Look, they wanted this," she said pointing to the crowd.

"They all wanted this. You had to leave."

But the guy realized it was already game over for him and repeated his exit maneuver.

“He’s leaving again!” Tolev said, exposing him as a coward. “He can’t handle it.”

The clip went viral as people loved the showdown.

When a commenter on X (formerly Twitter) asked for backstory and if anything further went down, Tolve responded:

"This was legit the whole thing!!"

"I asked the ppl who sponsored the show if they hang out a lot outside work (didn’t know they sponsored it I was in the other room doing a set) and he snapped!!!"

She referred to the moment seconds before he told her to move on when she asked some audience members if this was their first boss/employee outing, to which the heckler informed her the show was sponsored by them.

Tolev is one-half of the sketch comedy duo Ladystache, which won Most Innovative Comedy Troupe in 2010 and the Just for Laughs Award at Montreal Sketchfest in 2014.

Her personal accolades include winning Best Female Stand-Up at the 2015 Canadian Comedy Award and the Juno Awards of 2020.

She opened for Bill Burr during his comedy tour and was featured in his Netflix comedy special, Bill Burr Presents Friends Who Kill, in 2022.

In an interview that same year, the comedian who is often described by the media as being "raunchy," said her comedy was "brash, vulgar, self-deprecating, physical, silly and painfully real."