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Gordon Ramsay's 'Idiot Sandwich' Moment Isn't from 'Hell's Kitchen'

Gordon Ramsay's 'Idiot Sandwich' Moment Isn't from 'Hell's Kitchen'
FOX via Getty Images, Twitter: @fieldsnfences

One of the internet's favorite memes is the "idiot sandwich," which features Gordon Ramsay putting someone's head between two pieces of bread and asking them what they are. "An idiot sandwich," they sadly reply.

Well, if you thought that the meme came from a moment on one of Ramsay's popular reality cooking shows like Hell's Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares, we have some bad news for you: it didn't.

You might be an idiot sandwich.


Twitter user @rumidizzee recently shared the shocking revelation in an Earth-shattering tweet:

Naturally, Twitter was absolutely floored:

She's right, folks. I hope you're sitting down for this.

The late night tv show @rumidizzee is referencing? Well, that would be The Late Late Show with James Corden. She even shared a screenshot of the photographic evidence:

As the YouTube title suggests, the famous "idiot sandwich" bit was all part of a sketch involving Ramsay and The Talk and Big Brother host Julie Chen from 2015.

The sketch was part of Corden's 500th episode celebration, when he decided to put his and Chen's cooking skills to the test in a CBS kitchen face-off called "Hell's Cafeteria."

During the challenge, Corden and Chen struggle with the simplest of kitchen tasks, like cracking an egg and making a sandwich. In typical fashion, Ramsay explodes with rage, prompting the now-infamous moment in which he holds up two slices of bread and makes Julie Chen call herself an "idiot sandwich."

Watch the sketch for yourself:

And there you have it.

Twitter was understandably upset by the life-altering news, and they let their horror and dismay out in full force:

After all, it is Gordon Ramsay, who is known for his ridiculous outbursts on his various tv cooking shows. It seemed entirely plausible:

And since the sketch aired, Ramsay has actually been known to use the phrase:

But really, it was an epic fail for everyone.

It turns out that we might actually be the biggest idiot sandwiches:

Oh, did you not know? Oops.


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