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Guy Mortified After His Foot-Tickling Fetish Puts Him In An Incredibly Embarrassing Situation With His Girlfriend's Family

Guy Mortified After His Foot-Tickling Fetish Puts Him In An Incredibly Embarrassing Situation With His Girlfriend's Family

This is a story of how a man with incredibly sensitive feet was named "Twinkletoes" and it truly was a laughing matter.

Thanks to Reddit's TIFU (Today I F'd Up) subReddit, user "NumLockMillionaire" was able to get the toe-curling incident off his chest.

The Original Poster (OP) described himself as a "mid-20s male, 6'3" with a body type that is "just kind of in the middle" of being neither muscular nor fat.

He and his girlfriend are an ideal match in the bedroom given their mutual interest in tickle torture—a common fetish many kinky couples enjoy together.

One night during a family function, the OP burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter when an unexpected and highly erotic (for him) incident occurred.

"I'm typing this story with my eyes closed because I'm so mortified, but I need to tell this to somebody so strap in."
"In a relationship with a girl for over 2 years, really compatible and all of that... we actually met due to a mutual sexual interest. We both have a fetish for tickle torture and we both are switches who go from dom to sub pretty frequently."

In addition to tickling, the OP admitted he gets highly aroused when a certain appendage of his is touched.

"Needless to say, my girlfriend and I are constantly tickling one another senseless, and over the course of the relationship we have come to figure out that I have a major, major turn-on for having my own feet touched."
"Not sure why, but having my feet touched gets me instantly horny. More on that later.

A wedding getaway entailed a convenient arrangement of bungalow-style rooms, a "crazy alcoholic aunt," and a setup that was ideal for tickle torture.

"I was staying with my girlfriend last month in a hotel for her cousin's wedding, and the hotel had these bungalow style rooms that had their own bedrooms, so the bungalow we were in was me, my girlfriend, her sister, her cousins (not the ones getting married) and her crazy alcoholic aunt."
"The aunt is actually nice, but gets drunk way way too often and it was apparent that she was 'weird family' from the moment we met."
"Still, very nice lady, but I noticed she was unusually touchy and close for an adult I'd just met. Figured she was just friendly. Whatever!"
"So anyway, the bedrooms in the bungalow were all side-by-side doors. My girlfriend and I had one of the middle doors and the aunt had the other middle door, with two bookending doors to make a total of 4 bedrooms."
"I was tired before everybody so I went to bed before my girlfriend and retired into the room. Once in private, I got undressed down to my boxers and dived into the bed, and, as I said earlier that I was tall, my feet naturally jutted a little bit out of the blanket and out of the bottom of the bed, which had a railing that my feet fit snugly through like some old stockade."

Unbeknownst to the OP, something kinky was afoot.

"Exhausted, kinda chilly on the bottoms of my feet, I tuck them back under the covers and then I drift into rest..."
"...until some time later, I hear the door open, I think, 'it's my girlfriend, probably coming to bed!' I keep my eyes closed and hear the rustling around the room, then hear the rustling come back towards me before stopping right at the foot of my bed."
"I figure that's my cue to poke the feet on out, revealing to her where I am. And then, I feel it: the extremely light and oh-so-familiar feeling of a curious finger stretching over the bottom of my right foot, intentional tickling right down the sensitive middle of my sole."
"'It is my girlfriend,' I think, and right away I'm turned on. My god, my feet being touched puts me right into the zone."

aroused ryan GIFGiphy

"Before I even know it, more fingers join in as one finger is now a whole hand grazing the bottom of my foot. I finally start to giggle, unable to hold in a laugh."

Once the mystery fingers made contact with his G-spot, it was the point of no return.

"The moment I start to giggle, two things happen: the other hand of my attacker starts to tickle the other foot, all ten fingers now assaulting my bare helpless feet at the foot of the bed, and I start to get ridiculously aroused."
"In the dark I can feel myself getting hard out of my boxers and protruding out of the hole, that same kind of rock-hard feeling that you might associate with oral sex or intercourse itself."
"I start to giggle louder, and then my laughing becomes yelping, and then in a moment of weakness, I blurt, 'I'm so f'king ticklish pleeeeasseeeee' like a pathetic little wimp."

The voice in the dark revealed the true identity of his tormentor.

"And that's when her aunt replies, 'aww okay twinkletoes, get some rest.' before departing."

oh my god no GIFGiphy

"And it's at that moment I realized, that was not my girlfriend. And here I am with the hardest f'king erection I've had all year."

Twinkletoes would never be able to face the aunt again.

All of a sudden Redditors want to meet the real life of the party.

"That's one FUN aunt." – gameartist3d
"A Funt!" – imightknowbutidk
"Is she an AILF?" – YaBoiSlimThicc

The OP may have been mortified, sure. But there are worse things that could happen.

"The more I read the more mortified I got. At least you didn't initiate anything sexually with the aunt thinking she was your girlfriend. Can you imagine how much worst it could have been?" – -nightingale21

His story read like an erotic script.

"Pornhub : We got a new one boys!" – codehawk64

This user was dying to know what happened next.

"So what happened after that? Did you rub one out?" – black_hearted_dweeb
"He finished tickling himself." – Azulcobalto

Budding entrepreneurs sniffed a marketing opportunity.

"Tickle Me Elmo sex doll. 'Nuff said." – darksi08

cant wait to see this GIFGiphy

Readers were stuck on how the aunt found her way into the OP's room.

"From what I understood, there were 4 rooms side by side, and to reach the middle rooms, you had to go through the rooms at the end." – heloouwu
"Nah I think it's a wall with 4 doors on it. Each room has its own entrance from the living or hallway or whatever." – CatWeasley
"No no no, it's clearly a dodecahedron formation with 4 entrances end to end on both sides which can only be used via the middle room at the start." – AggressiveSpud
"Maybe the aunt had to solve the puzzle of each room in a specific order to advance to the boss, and she just figured his room was the foot-tickle puzzle?"
"I mean, who hasn't had to crack a foot-tickle puzzle before?" – KingoftheMongoose

Twinkletoes is not the only one with sensitive paws.

"This has happened to me more than once."
"It's well known amongst mine and my wife's family that I have very sensitive feet and touching them will provoke an immediate reaction."
"So it's happened on just about every holiday since they found out." – Valac_

And crazy aunts seem to be a dime a dozen.

"While I'm mortified for you, this gave me a good ol' laugh. Also why does everyone have a weird aunt lol" – pinkstrawsrawr
"My aunt is on that weird sh*t. I'm 24 and was only recently able to get her to stop trying to bite my chin." – JustSherlock

Bite Me GIF by memecandyGiphy

This tickle fetishist reacts very similarly to the OP.

"Tickle fetishist here, I tell people not to tickle me when they are about to, but then they still do and I moan like I'm getting the life f'ked out of me. No one other than my boyfriend has ever tickled me more than that first time." – wormwart

But tickling can have a contradicting effect on others.

"Holy sh*t I also like to have my feet ticked, but in a relaxing way. It puts me to sleep." – Dcm210

We're all wired differently, but fetishes pertaining to feet are more common than you think.

"An explanation I heard about why foot fetish is so common, is that the brain area for sensations from the feet is right next to the area for sensation from the genitals, and on some people the wires get crossed." – TiagoTiagoT

Trips to the podiatrist must be both hysterical and arousing for Twinkletoes. Bless him.

For a bit more G-rated tickling fun, the book Tickle Monster and tickling mittens set is available here.