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This Viral Thread Skewering The Lavish Absurdity Of Those Peloton Ads Is Pure Brilliance 😂

Peloton, @ClueHeywood/Twitter

Peloton, a brand of in-home exercise bikes which is also capable of streaming cycling classes for you to follow, doesn't seem to have a grasp on reality or on its demographic.

The commercials for the bike show homes no millennial could afford, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and gorgeous cityscape views, an enclosed glass home gym, and crazy-huge living rooms.

But seriously, who actually lives like this?

Peloton Bike TV Commercial | On To The Next

All of the millennials we know are fighting stagnant wages and increased student loan payments.

Well, Twitter user @ClueHeywood has had enough of this lying.

He took to the internet to drag every $3 million dwelling that he saw.

And he saw plenty.

Reporting live from NYC: literally nobody can afford panoramic windows and penthouses; we are all living in 16 square feet of space like books on a shelf.

A cactus garden? Really?

Just call us Peter Pan.

Maybe if we spent less money on avocado toast, we could afford houses like this.

Peacocks, Chalets, Pelotons, oh my!

Man, how many more rich places can you possibly get in these things?

The only thing missing is a yacht.

...Never mind.

The narrative here is that the Peloton only deserves the best and should come before one's own health, livelihood, and even before one's own children.

So when the Peloton does not follow that narrative, what happens?

Where do you keep your Peloton?

And it had BETTER be somewhere expensive.