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This Guy's Over-The-Top Workout Video Has The Internet Feeling Exhausted Just Watching It

@jeff_fitness/Instagram // @DevonESawa/Twitter

It's hard for many of us to summon the motivation to go to the gym, and even when we get there, it can still be hard to push ourselves toward a productive workout.

That doesn't seem to be a problem for this guy.

Actor Devon Sawa (whom you may remember as Casper) shared an Instagram video from fitness enthusiast Jeff Ortiz.

Ortiz's workout is no joke.

The insane video shows Ortiz, with a bandana covering his face, sprinting on a treadmill before jumping off and punching the air with all his force. We're pretty sure the only people who train harder than this are Batman and maybe Chris Pratt.

People weren't envious of Ortiz's workout.

But people did have theories as to what his pre-workout is.

Mr. Ortiz's hard work is certainly admirable, but we'll stick with jogging. Or just Cheetos.

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