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This Dog's Jealousy Of Another Dog's Ear Medicine Is The Epitome Of Adorable 😍

@sialights, @chloecopley_5 (Twitter)

Chloe Copley and her family have two dogs. One of her pups needs special ear drops, but the other dog, Cache, doesn't. And he's not so happy about that fact.

Cache is used to seeing his sister get special medicine in her ears, a procedure complete with a nice ear rub.

But whether its because of jealousy or just assuming that he and his sister can't be that much different, he, too, lines up for ear drops even though he doesn't need them.

So what is a dog parent to do when their pup is begging for an unneeded medicine?

Lie to them, of course.

Check out the adorable video that Chloe captured of her dad, Todd Copley, with the pups.

As you can see, Cache stands patiently behind his sister while she receives her medicine. As soon as she receives her ear rubs, Cache pops in front of the medicine giver for his set of drops.

But instead of letting the good boy down and telling him he doesn't need ear drops, their dad proceeds to cap the medicine and "Squirt, squirt, squirt" the medicine into Cache's ears.

The internet can't handle the cuteness of the pups and their pop.

But it seems like Chloe's dad isn't enjoying all of the sudden attention.

Thank you, Mr. Copley, for allowing us to experience the sweetest doggo/daddy exchange ever.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter