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People Share Which Things Should Be Free To All But Aren't

People Share Which Things Should Be Free To All But Aren't

Food. Water. Shelter. The things humans need to survive.

Should be free. But is not. Capitalism has dictated these things must be regulated.

But is that the answer? How do we justify people starving and homeless? Why is there so much that we have to pay for, as a privilege, when it is necessary to our survival?

u/admadguy asked:

Logically, morally, humanely, what should be free but isn't?

Here were some of the answers.



Official college transcripts. You already paid for the classes and then they deny you access to proof of your education. It's not right. Was surprised when I was applying as a transfer student from a community college to a four-year university, and had to pay to get my transcripts sent. Even worse, one of the colleges "made a mistake" and "forgot" to charge 2k in tuition when I went there, which I was unaware of, then they refused to release my transcripts until I paid the 2k. I didn't have 2k, but needed those transcripts immediately to get in to my new college.

Here's What We Mean

Official government documents that prove you exist. Birth Certificates should be free. They are not. Drivers License and state I.D., should be free. They are not.

Eating Is Important


School meals - it's the only meal some kids get

I agree tremendously. After all of the local taxes that go to education as well as all of the enrollment fees and book fees (as well as leasing fees on some technology items such as IPADs and the like) the financial strain can be too much. There are ways to prove low income and most public schools will subsidize the cost of the kids lunch but in my opinion ALL KIDS should have access to free lunch. The school lunches are healthy and portioned well. I'll never understand any opposing view on why tax dollars don't cover those costs first before funding the football team with tens of thousands of dollars of gear or the band room with even more in instruments. I support after school activities and extracurriculars but food should be the priority.

Financial Stress

Ambulances. Even if you don't think health care should be free, you shouldn't have to worry about calling an ambulance in an emergency because of how expensive it is

It really does suck if you have something bad happen to you like a heart attack, and then, while you're laying down in pain, you have to worry about how you're gonna pay for all this. It really does suck.

Fees To The Wazoo

Transaction/processing fees when you order a digital product online. Such as a concert ticket: you pay 6 bucks extra while you pay online, and then have to print the ticket yourself.

I tried to order my birth certificate from one of the companies the state contracts. They charged the state fee + a processing fee. Then they said it would take 60 business days starting after I submitted a notarized document which that would be another fee. I cancelled immediately when I saw all that and they still kept the processing fee. I was in and out of the county building is 15 mins with my birth certificate.. convenient my ass.

This Is Urinetown


Using public toilets.

I have been travelling around Europe for just over a year and it makes me mad I have to pay for that. Sometimes there's free ones but more often than not there isn't.

It's especially tough when you just arrive off a long bus ride or something that had no toilet or stops and the bus station is asking for money you haven't even had a chance to withdraw yet.

I've even been into some shopping malls and department stores where you have to pay.

Capitalism On Knowledge

Scientific papers/journals

The authors are paying to be published in the journal. the readers are also paying. The only one who profits are the publishing companies. Knowledge should be free!

Saving Money

Science textbooks. When a scientist gets published, he/she doesn't get any profit if the schools use it. Every textbook I've had hasn't been free, so I just email the publisher and find out one of the names (of whom was published) to email them. Since they get no money, they'll be glad to email you back the entire book, to which you can print off yourself. It's a life hack people should know instead of having to pay thousands for college textbooks.

Edit: I did this with my Calculus/Geometry professor in ISU (Indiana State University) and he said that he only got one overall pay for being published with other professors, and that he would be glad to give it to me, as he would all of his students. I'm not lying. Thank you all and have a nice day.

Death As A Business


Funerals. It's pretty obscene the amount that we're charged for just the basic disposal of human remains. In my opinion it should be run by the government for a minimum fee and if desired you can go as extravagant as you like from your own pocket.

Trapped In The Cycle


Most people who are homeless are unable to get out of the cycle because it's really difficult to get a place to live without money, and it's extremely hard to hold a job when the shelters kick you out at 5:30 am and expect you back at 3:30pm (this is what happens in Boston, MA), and it's hard to save money without a stable job.