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These Threads Of Celebrities As Random, Everyday Things Are Hilariously Accurate

Photo by Noam Galai/WireImage | Getty Images | Twitter (@shizukus_)

Everyone so often, Twitter gifts its users an important and iconic gift. Most recently, it has been the celebrities as other things meme.

It all started with this comparison of Michael Jackson with a drill.

And it quickly escalated from there. Behold Zendaya as bacteria.

There was Shawn Mendes as Converse...

There was this important thread of Billie Eilish as laundry detergent.

And have you truly lived if you haven't seen Chris Evans as coffee pots?

Jeff Goldblum as a pencil case is probably his most important role yet.

Things got super meta.

And Twitter went science on Taylor Swift.

Why are these all so accurate though?