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Therapist Floored After She Was Fired For Telling 'Lonely' Men On TikTok To Go To Therapy

Therapist Floored After She Was Fired For Telling 'Lonely' Men On TikTok To Go To Therapy

A therapist claimed she was fired for essentially telling lonely men in a TikTok video that cultivating emotional intelligence and communication skills would prevent them from a perpetual pattern of staying single or sabotaging relationships.

Bree–a.k.a. TikToker @unusuallybree–said her blunt advice was in response to a Psychology Today article claiming men were lonelier than ever due to their lack of emotional skills.

She agreed with the article and expounded further by advising how said "lonely men" would "radically improve" their romantic lives if they improved being in touch with and communicating their feelings.

You can see her video here:

But the initial video she posted on TikTok with the intention of helping these perpetually single men wound up causing quite a stir on social media.

In response to the backlash, she posted this video.


One door closes, 1 million others open✨ #imtired #storytime #bbtho #terminated #mentalhealthmatters ##fypシ

Bree said at the beginning of the clip:

“Well, hello. it’s your friendly neighborhood therapist who thought she could save these hoes but got her job terminated as a result."
"Sh*t you not, I posted a video on Monday telling men that their dusty behavior is only harming them and that they would benefit from emotional intelligence, and, I sh*t you not, by Friday didn’t have employment."

In response to the Psychology Today article about the increase of lonely, single men, Bree continued:

“I agreed and doubled down and told y’all lives would radically improve if you expanded the sh*t that came out yo’ mouth, but instead of healing, y’all will do anything but that."
"Instead of being accountable like, ‘Hey, this b*tch see me.’"
"Y’all got so hurt, so hurt."

As she spoke, a text overlay appeared with the following familiar quote:

"You can't force change upon people who don't want it for themselves."

In response to the harsh criticism in her viral video, Bree came to a sobering realization.

“Some of y’all hoes is not gonna be saved, and that’s the conclusion that I’ve come to."
"So because this sh*t’s gone viral, I’m thinking, ‘OK, cool. We starting a discussion on mental health.’"
"You might not like my f'king delivery, but motherf'kers is starting to talk."
“But then it turns into this entire crusade of attacking a Black woman who serves the f'king Black community.”

She quoted the comments from users who were trying to "find her credentials and report her" all because she was trying to help them–albeit with some tough love–which guys apparently found threatening.

She claimed an article titled “Black Twitter Has Words For Therapist Scolding Black Men Over Therapy"–which included Bree's full name and her employer's information–was ultimately the reason why her employer "got spooked" and let her go.

She also said the author of the article never bothered to reach out to her before publishing, nor did the author have any regard for her safety–which led to other articles joining in lambasting Bree as a result.

Bree continued:

"Black men decided to take it upon themselves to call my employment to get me fired.”
“You succeeded. But you succeeded in not the way that you think."
"If it’s one thing about Black women, it’s that we’re incredibly resilient. This just cleared the table to give me space and opportunity to educate the masses, while shaking our a**es to healing, because y’all got mad cause I wanted you to do better."
"I was told they consulted with shareholders and decided to terminate my contract."
"Because I told y’all to go to therapy. That’s the world we live in.”

TikTokers who sympathized with Bree's situation encouraged her to branch off on her own.





Others confirmed the passionate sentiments expressed embodied the very definition of what therapists do.




Others strongly suggested she take legal action first.



Hopefully Bree lands on her feet.

Until then, this is a new take on the saying "the truth hurts."