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The Thai Cave Rescuers Reveal Just How Bad They Expected The Ordeal To Turn Out

The Thai Cave Rescuers Reveal Just How Bad They Expected The Ordeal To Turn Out
Photo byLillian Suwanrumpha-AFP-Getty Images

In a new book "The Boys In The Cave" by Matt Gutman the truth of how harrowing the rescue was of the Thai soccer team is now coming to light.

Although the dive team kept most of what was happening from the public and the worried parents, the new book claims the divers thought many of the boys would die during the attempted rescue. Two of the boys nearly did.

Gutman writes in the book:

"Given the boys' weakness, the unpredictable cave conditions, and the new divers' unfamiliarity with its jagged, seemingly booby-trapped labyrinths, the team calculated an 80 percent fatality rate. Which would likely mean ten dead children. Diving the boys out, as they called it, indeed seemed like madness."

Gutman goes on to say:

"If a mask's seal broke from being knocked around in those cramped tunnels, it might start to flood with water. The divers likely would not notice it as they navigated the darkened exit route. There would be no way to know whether they were towing a sedated kid who was dead to the world or a kid who was actually dead."

Fortunately, all the boys were rescued, although one volunteer, retired Thai Navy Seal diver, Saman Kunan died in the rescue efforts.

ABC Australia has put together an emotional documentary on the rescue.

Divers reveal extraordinary behind-the-scenes details of Thailand cave

Great things happen when people work together.

Gutman's book is published by William Morrow, and will be released on November 13, 2018.

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