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That Bonkers 'How Many Times' Exchange From Michael Cohen's Testimony Is The Most Useful Meme Ever

CBS News/YouTube, @dirrtykingofpop/Twitter

All eyes were glued to Michael Cohen's congressional testimony on Wednesday as he exposed his former boss Donald Trump for the con man, liar, and a cheat that he is.

Michael Cohen Testimony live before the House Oversight Committee

The revelations were hardly shocking if not affirming, and it was dramatic to watch the disbarred attorney turning on Trump by producing receipts to back many of his claims

The moment the internet is currently fixated on is when Rep. Jackie Speier (D - CA) asked Cohen how many times he was asked to threaten an individual or entity on Donald Trump's behalf. He replied, "quite a few times."

Although he appeared to be cooperative in front of the House Oversight Committee, he made it difficult for Speier to extract a ball park number, so she leveled the playing field.

What followed was a guessing game of sorts as she began conjecturing Cohen, starting with, "50 times?" He replied, "more." "100 times?" she asked again to which he responded in the same tone, "more." She tried "200 times," but it was still "more."

When Speier finally asked "500 times?" He said, "probably."

There's a GIF for it.

And the internet seized the opportunity to create a meme from the dizzy exchange.

Their back and forth was the perfect template for all kinds of ridiculous questions.

The conversation at work the next day: "How many times did you guys watch that exchange between Michael Cohen and Jackie Speier?"

Us: "1,000 times."