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Teen Hailed As A Hero After Catching A Toddler Who Fell From An Open Window


Security camera footage has been taken of 17-year-old Feuzi Zabaat catching a toddler as she fell from a second-floor open window in Istanbul.

Two-year-old Dora Muhammed fell from an open window on Thursday and was caught before she reached the ground by the Algerian teenager.

She was unhurt in the incident.

Feuzi said:

“I was walking down the road when I saw a two-year-old girl hanging from a window. I walked closer to her, and as she fell I held on to her."

Izzet Bayir, an eyewitness at the scene, said:

“I was walking from the top of the street toward the bottom. I saw this man looking up, it caught my attention, 'what's happening?' And I saw that this little girl was about to fall."
“This lion of a person caught this child in mid-air and reunited her with her family."

Dora's father Yusuf Muhammed gave Feuzi a 200 Turkish Lira (around $35) reward for saving his daughter's life. While the amount may seem small by US standards, a moderate daily travel budget including meals transportation and accommodations in Turkey, according to lonely planet, is 150-350 Turkish Lira.