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Ted Cruz Is Getting Dragged For His Hypocritical Response To An Alabama Bill Calling For Mandatory Vasectomies

In Alabama, a bill was recently introduced which would require men over the age of 50 to receive a vasectomy.

The bill was clearly written to highlight the inequality in regulating people's bodies by pro-birth legislators and PACs.

Male legislators often find it acceptable to pass laws concerning what women can do with theirs, while laws restricting men's reproductive rights are virtually unheard of. In fact, while providing birth control to women is controversial, Viagra is covered by employers and insurers without question.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, seemingly oblivious to this fact, decried the bill on Twitter, where hundreds mocked him for his obvious hypocrisy.

Pretty much everyone online piled onto Cruz for his turnaround on the issue of reproductive rights.

As soon as the law is aimed at men, it seems unjust to Cruz.

Women are a different story, however.

If Cruz's real priority is stopping unwanted pregnancies, forced vasectomies are a great solution!

Maybe government shouldn't extend into people's bodily autonomy?

The irony is palpable.

Hopefully now that his hypocrisy has been pointed out to him, Cruz can confront his outdated views and greet the future with open arms.

Or not.

Ted Cruz—Canada's worst export—seems determined to continue annoying people from now until the end of time.