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Someone Hired A Mariachi Band To Play Outside Ted Cruz's House Following His Cancun Trip Debacle

@miyashay/Twitter; Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Protests continued at the home of Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas following his widely publicized vacation to Cancun in the midst of his state's winter storm emergency.

On Sunday, February 21 the protesters were joined by some very special guests—a mariachi band.

Since Cruz didn't end up getting to go on his Mexican vacation, many hoped he would be grateful for this little taste of the country.

Cruz's unpopularity seems to be reaching a fever pitch following his embarrassing misstep he initially blamed on his daughters.

Twitter was, of course, as thrilled as ever to pile onto the Texas Republican Senator.

It's unknown whether Cruz was inside the house at the time, but if he was there's no chance he didn't hear the music.

There are few situations that can't be improved by the inclusion of a mariachi band. This protest was no exception.