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Ted Cruz Gave Twitter A Very 'Zodiac Killer' Halloween Greeting—And People Had Lots Of Feelings About It 😳

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Conservatives get a lot of flack for being humorless. Senator Ted Cruz is usually no exception, but he posted a pretty hilarious tweet on Halloween night that actually had the internet cracking up.

Cruz sent his followers a 'Zodiac Killer' style note, referencing a wacky conspiracy theory.

President Donald Trump famously accused Ted Cruz of being related to the Zodiac Killer during the 2016 election, and the Senator had a little fun with that wacky theory Halloween night.

Before we give Cruz too much credit, it should be noted he posted the EXACT SAME tweet last year.

Either way, the internet had strong feelings about Cruz's viral tweet on Halloween night.

Why would a Senator compare themselves to a serial killer? The internet investigated.

But a few people were willing to take the joke at face value.

Others thought it was gross to capitalize off Cruz's bizarre Zodiac connection.

At the end of the day, should a Senator up for re-election really be comparing himself to a serial killer? Probably not! But we'll give Cruz (and his social media team) a little bit of credit for the well-timed Halloween tweet.

H/T: HuffPost, The Hill