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Ted Cruz Blasted For Claiming That Democrats Are Just Being 'Vindictive' By Impeaching Trump

Greg Nash-Pool/Getty Images

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who helped incite the Capitol riot by pushing Congress to decertify votes from swing states that helped Joe Biden claim victory, is now eager to fault Democrats trying to hold President Trump accountable for the deadly insurrection.

In a recent tweet, Cruz accused Democrats of "advancing their political agenda through a vindictive impeachment instead of working on legislation that would put our nation on a path towards recovery."

Twitter users didn't appreciate Cruz's insinuation that holding people accountable for their actions was "vindictive."

Others online pointed out how silly it would be to take Cruz's opinions on this matter seriously, considering the role he played in aiding the President.

Attacks on Cruz came from all sides, with many people pointing out the Senator's willingness to kowtow to Trump despite the way the former President treated him.

Is every trial vindictive? Should people just ignore it when a crime is committed? It would appear so in Ted Cruz's opinion.

Many Twitter users also pointed out that impeachment proceedings haven't stopped the Biden administration from continuing to pursue their legislative agenda.

Perhaps Ted Cruz's real fear is that he might be held accountable for his actions next.