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Conservatives Roasted After Claiming Taylor Swift Is Secretly 'Trans' With Bizarre Conspiracy

Conservatives seem to be furious about Swift's rumored romance with Travis Kelce—and they've decided that she must be a trans woman.

Taylor Swift
Robert Kamau/GC Images

Conservatives, especially the far-right kind, have never met a conspiracy theory they wouldn't immediately embrace with all their might. Just look at that whole JFK-Jr-returning-from-the-dead thing.

And when it comes to right-wing bugaboos, nothing seems to get their goat quite like the existence of transgender people. Naturally, the two have melded in the most bizarre way possible—so-called "transvestigators."

These are people who claim to be able to suss out who is and is not trans, and they've set their sights on all kinds of celebrities for all kinds of inane reasons. Their latest suspect? One Miss Taylor Swift.

You read that right. Conservatives now think Taylor Swift is trans, and they're all over X, aka Twitter, posting "evidence."

Yep, far-right weirdos obsessed with transgender people are convinced Taylor Swift is secretly a trans woman. Why? Because they can just tell, you see.

In one tweet, a conservative posited that because Swift's boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, took a knee during the national anthem at a recent NFL game, Swift must have male genitalia.

Other tweets, like the one below, used physical characteristics that are supposed indicators of sex and gender.

@torriangray / Twitter

The tweet claimed that the fact that Taylor Swift's ring finger is longer than her index finger means she's actually a man—a methodology for determining such things with no basis in fact whatsoever.

Then there's the fact that she's 33, childless, and "basically the most successful woman of our time."

@torriangray / Twitter

To the conservative above, Swift is obviously trans and "poisoning young girls to hate men." But, to be fair, he also said it's because "her face does not look feminine to me either, something is off." Okay, well, in that case!

But the one that managed to take the cake was the theory that Travis Kelce's mom, Donna, who sat with Swift at a recent Chiefs game, is secretly Taylor Swift's beard—because she's the "perfect companion for a gay," whatever that means.

This, he claimed, is proof that Taylor Swift is "a trans agent placed by LGBT government," a thing that does not exist. There are 13 openly LGBTQ+ people in Congress. Thirteen.

As always, Taylor Swift is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the far-right's obsession with sussing out who may and may not be trans. Just last week a "transvestigator" and QAnon devotee pled guilty to following and threatening the life of a member of Congress he was convinced is secretly trans.

On social media, people definitely had lots to say about the bizarre and absurd Taylor Swift trans theories.

Here's hoping that, if she responds to this rumor, Swift takes a page out of Lady Gaga's book, who famously couldn't be bothered to deny it when Anderson Cooper asked her about rumors she is trans and secretly has male genitalia, telling him, "maybe I do. Would it be so terrible?"