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Taylor Swift Hilariously Reacts After She Had To Sprint Off Stage Due To Technical Malfunction

The singer made a mad dash to get backstage after a trap door failed to open during her 'Eras Tour' stop in Cincinnati.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Hill/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management; @jamls888/TikTok

When you're performing live anything can happen--a truism Taylor Swift knows "all too well" now that she's been on the road for her "Eras Tour" for almost four months.

And at her recent stop in Cincinnati, things went ever so slightly sideways while Swift was performing at the cities Paycor Stadium over the weekend when a trap door meant to take her beneath the stage and whisk her to another entrance failed to open.

The moment happened at the end of her song "Look What You Made Me Do," and Swift was so thrown by the moment she could even be seen stamping her foot on the trap door, perhaps in hopes that someone down below would, you know, open it?

But it was to no avail, so Swift did the only thing she really could do--she bolted upstage and behind the backdrop, as seen below.


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Naturally, Swift's fans found this hilarious and not a bit thrilling--after all, for all the rehearsing that goes into a big show like Swift's, it's these kind of moments that really make live music a whole other experience than a music video.

Of course, a performer so exacting as Swift might feel a bit perturbed at the mishap, but luckily Swift had as big a sense of humor about it as her fans.

In the comments of a TikTok showing her awkward moment, she wrote:

"still swift af boi"

The line, a reference to a popular TikTok sound, has of course become an instant classic among fans, many of whom took to social media to laugh with Taylor about the whole situation.

And of course screenshots of Swift booking it upstage have already become a meme template.

Here's hoping Swift's remaining shows through August are mishap free--although it just might be worth it to have some more malfunctions if the memes are gonna be this good.