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Student Dressed As Forrest Gump Runs Off Field During Game In True Forrest Fashion

(TJC Apache Athletics)

A student athlete paid homage to Forrest Gump by running straight off the field during a baseball match in Texas on Wednesday.

The surprise costume imitated a scene in Forrest Gump, in which the titular character is playing a game of football, runs over the line to score a touchdown, then runs straight out of the stadium.

Posting a video of the moment on Twitter, TJC (Tyler Junior College) Apache Athletics said: “Highlight of the baseball Halloween game! Run Forrest Run!"

The video, which sees the player's teammates laugh and shout “run Forrest run," now has over two million views after being posted on Wednesday.

Kelsi Weeks, assistant athletic director at Tyler Junior College, said:

"The person in costume is student-athlete, Ren Reynolds from Kilgore, Texas. The run was not planned and was a surprise. Costumes are a surprise as well."

Twitter applauded the homage to a classic film.

Tom Hanks has yet to comment.