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Steve Buscemi Is Trending On Twitter For A Photo That Isn't Even Of Him—And We Love To See It

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for WarnerMedia

Steve Buscemi shows up where you least expect him to.

The popjlar character actor has been active in film and TV since 1985. He shows no signs of slowing down either.

So Twitter was thrilled to see a photo of his younger self on the red carpet of Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth back in 1992.

Just one problem....

...that's not Steve Buscemi.

Still, Twitter is not one to let a trending topic go to waste.

So they kept the format of this going.

Donovan Leitch, the person actually pictured in the photo, is the son of Scottish rock star Donovan.

He doesn't really look like Steve Buscemi:

And so the joke continues.

In the year 1992, which is the year Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth came out, Buscemi was in the Quentin Tarantino classic Reservoir Dogs.

Donovan Leitch is not trending, but Steve Buscemi is, and honestly, we're not mad about it.

Thanks to Steve Buscemi for being Steve Buscemi.