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U.S. State Department Gives 'Family Travel Hacks' In Poorly-Timed Facebook Live, And Gets Instantly Called Out For It

You may have heard: The U.S. Government is tearing children away from their parents at the Mexican border as a means to discourage undocumented immigrants from entering the country, many of whom arrived seeking political asylum.

Since the Department of Justice began implementing this policy about a month ago, over 2,300 children have been taken into custody and separated from their parents. There is no formal process for reuniting families and jail-like detention centers are quickly filling up with children—some still in infancy, others in their teen years—who have very little idea about what's happening and why.

The controversy surrounding the DOJ's actions is massive. President Trump has repeatedly attempted to spin himself as having his hands tied by laws Democrats passed, a claim easily debunked by quick research from the media, non-partisan fact checking sites like Snopes, and his own top aides like Stephen Miller, who said in an interview with the New York Times that the policy was thought up by the Trump administration as a deterrent to incoming immigrants.

Just as public outrage over the policy's cruelty and the Trump administration's blatant lies is boiling over, the State Department decided the time was right to host a Facebook Live Q&A tackling the totally appropriate subject of... family travel hacks.

You read that right.

Facebook commenters didn't miss the irony... and they made sure the State Department didn't miss it either.

The jokes may be dark, but they keep the hope of human decency alive.

Tourists won't be using these travel tips to come to America, that's for sure.

In America, NOT everyone welcome.

Was anybody surprised this was how things turned out?

H/T - Mashable, Facebook