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Stand-Up Comic Tries Out Her Material After Projector Breaks During Movie Screening—And Yikes

Stand-Up Comic Tries Out Her Material After Projector Breaks During Movie Screening—And Yikes
@sorry__charley/Twitter; @tiffanyandzara/TikTok

People who struggle with second-hand embarrassment over socially awkward situations are going to absolutely love this article and the video clips within.

There is no standardly accepted sarcasm font or formatting for online publications, so I'm obligated to tell you that was sarcasm and you are, in fact, probably going to hate this. Pretty much everyone who saw it happen live did.

The "it" in question is a 15-minute-long impromptu stand-up comic set a woman unleashed on an unsuspecting, and somewhat captive, audience when the film projector went down at a movie theater.

The incident happened during a Wednesday night early screening of The Lost City at the AMC Burbank 16, a movie theater in Los Angeles county, California. The screening, which had a "surprising number of industry people" in attendance, was delayed getting started.

LA folk are used to this sort of thing, it often means this is a test-screening and there's some celebrity or big wig about to make an announcement.

That's what people initially thought Wednesday night, too.

That is not, in fact, what was happening.

There was no celebrity announcement coming, the problem was a legitimate projector breakdown that ended up taking about 45 minutes to fix. There did just so happen to be a lot of industry people in the audience—it's L.A., after all.

Also in the audience was a woman who has been developing a stand-up comedy routine. That's not unusual—like we said, it's L.A., after all.

What was unusual is how hard she carpe'd this diem.

She stood up and did a stand-up comedy routine that lasted about 15 minutes for a very un-enthused and socially captive audience.

The routine, which played out in front of children, included racy comments, belting out a song, chanting, hopping around the aisle and some racist accents and heckling.

She certainly got people's attention, but not in a good way.

The routine was pretty solidly hated.

Not just because it forced people into an uncomfortable situation, but because much of her material was inappropriate. The audience boo'ed her sexual material and called her out after the routine got racist.

She retorted by heckling and calling the audience member racist ... for objecting to her racist material.

The audience, and Twitter, had some thoughts.

Tiffany King has since come forward as the "comic and psychic-medium" who put on the colorful and questionable performance.

As for what prompted her to get up there and hold people hostage, Tiffany claimed her 8-year-old child dared her to do it, so she did.

Which Twitter doesn't seem to be buying.

No word on why she would opt for racist or sexual material in the presence of her child and other people's children.

This isn't the first time people have had concerns about King's content choices regarding her child and motherhood in general.

Take a look.

While people can appreciate the bravery it takes to get up on stage, Tiffany's delivery, content, context, ability to read the room, etc... left a lot to be desired as far as people are concerned.

She doesn't seem bothered by the feedback, though.

"To do comedy, it takes consistency and as a single mother, that's one thing I haven't had on my side. I know how hard comedy is, so I'm happy I did it, and I don't care what the negative stuff is."

Tiffany has not responded to questions about doing "I hate my kid" material in front of her child, the racism, or other content in her developing act.

She has, however, mentioned she noticed an increase in her social media followers.