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St. Louis Man Stunned To Find A Frozen, Mummified Baby In His Mother's Freezer After Her Death

In St. Louis, Missouri, a man was going through his mother's freezer following her death.

What he found inside was something he never expected: a frozen, mummified infant.

The man told KSDK news that the box he found the baby in has been untouched for 37 years.

He had always assumed it contained a wedding cake topper.

The man, Adam Smith, believes the baby is his sister.

Twitter couldn't believe this story was actually true.

Many felt something fishy may have been going on...

At the moment, things still seem a bit uncertain.

Others on Twitter pointed out Smith's mother may have actually gone through an incredibly sad situation.

It wouldn't be Twitter if there weren't a few very out-of-place puns.

The report prompted many to remember the strangest things they found in their parents' houses.

Though some were quick to judge, this is likely a very stressful situation for Smith.

The investigation into the deceased child is ongoing.

But the real questions have yet to be asked...