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Men Are Melting Down After 'Space Jam 2' Redesigned Lola Bunny To Give Her A Less 'Sexualized' Look

Men Are Melting Down After 'Space Jam 2' Redesigned Lola Bunny To Give Her A Less 'Sexualized' Look
Evan Agostini/Liaison via Getty Images

Space Jam was a formative part of any 90s kid's childhood and part of that was due in no small part to Lola Bunny.

Lola, who was a new design for the original Space Jam, showed up and took our collective breath away after she totally thrashed Bugs Bunny in a pick-up basketball match and whispered to him "don't ever call me doll."

You can see the moment here:

With the news of Space Jam: A New Legacy on the horizon, fans are looking forward to the return of Lola Bunny.

She looks a little different this time. Not much, but just enough to be noticeable.

The 1996 version of Lola has a crop top and very pronounced breasts, whereas the 2021 version of Lola does not. The Tune Squad uniform is also different, being closer to a real basketball outfit than the original.

But not everyone is happy with the redesign. Men, mostly conservative men, have started making some pretty creepy comments online about it.

Lola Bunny, who has never been a real woman and is in fact a drawing of a bunny, was definitely more overtly sexualized in the 90s.

Her first scene features her walking in on sultry saxophone music.

Space Jam: A New Legacy's director, Malcolm D. Lee, says the revision of Lola was to force more focus onto her as a boon for the team rather than a sexualized piece of meat.

"This is 2021. It's important to reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters," he said, "a.k.a. the team's best non-LeBron player."

Raising the point that bunnies also don't usually play basketball or talk or wear hair elastics around their ears seems moot, if the discourse is going to revolve around said bunny's chest.

Which, FYI, female rabbits are called does and males are called bucks, like deer. Rabbit does have ten nipples, extending from their thoracic to the inguinal region.

Lola's crop top was flashing at least four of her "breasts." It's surprising conservatives are such staunch advocates of freeing the nipple.