In Florida, a Broward County Sheriff's Deputy named Willard Miller was recently arrested after grabbing a 15-year-old girl by the neck and throwing her to the ground.

Miller, 38, was the resource officer at Cross Creek School in Pompano Beach, a school for children with emotional or behavioral disabilities.

Surveillance video of the incident was released by the Sheriff's department and has gone viral online.

VIDEO: Florida deputy arrested for throwing student to the ground youtu.be

Miller has been charged with child abuse. After being suspended without pay, he turned himself into the police on Tuesday, November 5 and is currently awaiting trial on a $5,000 bond.

If found guilty, Miller's sentence could be as long as 5 years in prison.

In the video, the unnamed 15-year-old taps Miller on the leg with her foot. In response, Miller puts her in a choke-hold, throws her to the ground, puts his knee in her back, and handcuffs her.

Then, perhaps in response to the extreme threat posed by a handcuffed 15-year-old, Miller pushed her through a door into a wall.

Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony described the incident as "deplorable."

He commented:

"It's embarrassing, OK, when we have one individual that acts outside the confines of the oath that they take, it goes on every news channel, it spreads across the country."
"I'm tired of it. I'm going to fix it and I'm going to hold people accountable."

The Broward County Sheriff's Office has gained some negative attention recently for alleged uses of excessive force. In January, a now-fired officer was caught punching a handcuffed man while in his hospital bed.

After pepper-spraying a teen and slamming his head into the pavement outside a McDonald's, another pair of officers are also facing charges.

Miller will soon find himself before a judge and many people are hoping justice will be served.

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