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Security Cam Catches 14 People Raiding Chicago-Area Louis Vuitton Store And Stealing $120k Of Merchandise


A Chicago suburbs' Louis Vuitton store was cleaned out overnight of over $120,000 of merchandise and a camera caught the thief.

Or in this case, the many, many thieves.

Oak Brook, Illinois around 3:30 pm was shocked when 14 people walked into the store in the middle of the day and completely ransacked it, leaving a husk of empty shelves in their wake after making off with tons of product.

This is the second coordinated attack on a Louis Vuitton store in the United States in the last week.

San Francisco's Union Square location was also attacked and ransacked by robbers, who stole everything in the store, and proceeded into waiting cars with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of handbags.

In the Chicago case, police said the perpetrators also escaped into three separate cars that were waiting for them.

"We are still developing and working several leads to identify the offenders involved in our incident," Oak Brook police said, although no evidence has yet surfaced leading to the arrest of any of these people.

With the past year of civil unrest, police nationwide are putting on high alert for retail locations as we approach Black Friday, the ultimate shopping day of the calendar year, which often results in chaos even without crime.

No further reports of looting and theft have been reported in Oak Brook.