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Sean Hannity Mistakenly Uses NBC Article in Twitter Insult Against NBC

Sean Hannity Mistakenly Uses NBC Article in Twitter Insult Against NBC

Fox News personality Sean Hannity puzzled many on Twitter today when he attempted to criticize NBC News for their lack of coverage on the Hillary Clinton/Uranium One scandal.

It was revealed earlier on Thursday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was interested in re-opening the case, which initially found no criminal wrong-doing on the part of Clinton by the FBI.

Hannity took to Twitter to blast CNN and NBC News for ignoring the story, saying: "Hey fake news @CNN and conspiracy tv @NBCNews read and learn."

But there was one glaring disconnect, as the article Hannity had linked to for the two news outlets to "read and learn" from was actually an NBC News article:

Needless to say, Twitter was completely floored by the absurdity of the tweet:

In terms of someone setting themselves up for a self-own, Hannity's tweet has to be an almost flawless example.

And out came the memes:

According to the NBC News article, which Hannity clearly read, the Justice Department has started asking FBI agents about the evidence that was found in the investigation into the controversial uranium deal that has been linked by some critics to the Clintons.

Those critics have claimed that the Clintons benefited personally the from the deal, which took place in 2010 while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, with millions being donated to the Clinton Foundation by key players in the deal. Clinton has denied that she had any part in the State Department's approval of the deal, however.

Fox News and President Trump have attempted to decry the Uranium One scandal as the "real Russia story," but several news organizations have debunked the theories that have been floated around.

So it would appear that NBC News is pretty up-to-date with the scandal.

But thanks anyway, Hannity:

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