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School Apologizes After Survey Asking Students To Choose Their 'Best Looking' Classmates Prompts Outrage

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A secondary school has launched an investigation after pupils were asked to vote for the “best looking" male and female in ninth grade.

Hugh Christie School, in Tonbridge, Kent, came under fire after a form was given to students asking them to select their most attractive classmates.

It has since apologized “unreservedly" after an aunt branded the move “shocking", tweeting a picture of a form handed out for “celebration assembly awards nominations."

Lucy Hall wrote: “My Nephews school just sent them home with this – school is hard enough when you are 14 to create awards over best looking boy and girl.

“Shocking. @HughChristieSch why would you let this happen? Parents are appalled by this."

The form asked students, aged 13-14, to fill in the table to prepare for the end of year assembly.

Other categories included the best couple, best poser, best year 9 teacher and biggest ego.

The school replied to Ms Hall's tweet saying: “We will inform students to disregard the form. The member of staff responsible has been spoken to.

“We totally agree this was inappropriate and apologize unreservedly for any offense caused to our students and parents."

A later post added : “An internal investigation was launched (Wednesday) yesterday as to why the member of staff produced this document as it totally goes against the ethos of the school."

The original tweet saw many people take to social media to voice their concern, branding it “horrendous" and “appalling."


Maybe next year's survey will focus on the qualities that matter.

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