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Sarah Silverman Explains Why She's Actually Thankful For Donald Trump

Sarah Silverman Explains Why She's Actually Thankful For Donald Trump

Despite a history of saying controversial things, a series of words were said by comedian Sarah Silverman that people never thought would come out of her mouth.

"I am thankful for Donald Trump."

Now admittedly, she had a nauseous shudder immediately afterward, and her meaning was obviously not direct, but a surprise is a surprise nonetheless.

Sarah's Trumpsgiving Monologue | I Love You, America on

On her Hulu talk show I Love You, America Silverman has been trying to connect with people who share different views from her. During the show's season finale, her opening monologue sees her making the case to be thankful for the light Trump has unintentionally cast on our corrupt system.

Silverman compares being thankful of the current president to an addict hitting rock bottom. She argues he's forced America to take notice of the injustices the Trump tried to hide.

Some weren't willing to look past his negative effects.

She by no means thinks he is good for the country. She actually tries listing off all the atrocities he's committed, but realizes it would take the whole show. However, the important ones are there. From how Trump "put kids in cages" to "reignited the white supremacy movement" Sarah does not let him off the hook.

Yet, Silverman does say he woke us up to the problems with our nation. More women have run and won office in the House and Senate during this year's midterms. People are protesting acts of the government that likely would have gone unnoticed before. These and more, Silverman ascribes to Trump.

And she may have a point.

On I Love You, America Silverman has tasked herself with attempting to connect with 'people who may not agree with her personal opinions through honesty, humor, genuine interest in others, and not taking herself too seriously.'

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