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Ryan Gosling's Subtle Tribute To Wife Eva Mendes At 'Barbie' Premiere Has Fans Swooning Hard

The actor wore a small necklace with an 'E' written in Barbie font at the premiere of the summer blockbuster.

Ryan Gosling; Eva Mendes
Hector Vivas/Getty Images; Donato Sardella/Getty Images for New York & Company

Check another one off for the Kenaissance.

Ryan Gosling had fans swooning onto their fainting couches when he wore a necklace with the letter "E" written in the iconic Barbie font to the premiere of the Barbie movie, in which he plays Barbie's iconic companion, Ken.

Later interviewed, Gosling confirmed the E stood for Eva Mendes, his wife who was not with him on the red carpet.

Mendes and Gosling are notoriously private—keeping personal and professional lives separate—which is why Mendes did not walk the carpet with Gosling.

Folks commented how sweet that move was.

Others pointed out it's gestures like that make Gosling very attractive.

People said he brought Ken-energy—"Kenergy" if you will—to the red carpet.

Others pointed out if you were Gosling, you'd celebrate being married to Mendes, too.

Some people were a little shocked to learn they were even together, let alone married with children.

The couple are notoriously private about their personal lives.

That privacy doesn't stop them from being a star couple, someone pointed out.

Barbie premieres July 21 in the United States.