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Turns Out, Russians Have A Running Meme Where They Credit Terrible Life Hacks To Elon Musk--And It's Surprisingly Hilarious

Screenshot Twitter DashaDaleks

Russians are trolling billionaire Elon Musk by asking for his opinion on terrible life hacks.

"What do you think, Elon Musk?" has become the catch phrase following tweeted life hacks aimed at Musk.

According to Russia's version of Know Your Meme,, the first meme can be traced back to @StalinGulag in 2017. In the tweet there is a photo of a Russian particle accelerator used to smoke herring with the caption roughly translated to:

Hey Elon, envy the scientific achievements of our country!

Since then, others have followed with hilarious results.

THIS is what's holding a door to the cafeteria of our dormitory. So Elon, do you feel threatened?

Elon Musk, we are sorry, but you don't have any chance: "The smallest bast shoes created in Russia."

Light bulbs are often stolen in Russia. This bike lock solves that problem.

In reaction to Musk shooting a Tesla into space:

We're not completely sure we even understand most of these, but it's good to know Russia has a sense of humor.

H/T: Buzzfeed, Motherboard