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Rudy Giuliani Sickens Twitter After Wiping His Brow Sweat On The Lady Sitting Next To Him At The RNC


The last night of the Republican National Convention featured a large crowd gathering on the lawn of the White House to hear speeches while failing to maintain proper social distance.

As if that weren't gross enough, former NYC mayor and lawyer to the President Rudy Giuliani was sitting in the audience sweating profusely.

At one point, on national television, he dabbed the sweat from his forehead before wiping it on the woman sitting next to him.

Republicans have attracted a large amount of criticism for ignoring health and safety guidelines when planning this large gathering, and Rudy Giuliani's sweat wiping isn't making things any better.

Giuliani's ability to sweat is legendary.

Many people online felt bad for the woman who Giuliani wiped his sweat on.

When hitting the town with a date, most people try to avoid rubbing their sweat all over their partner.

Who knows how many germs were spread during the RNC event?

If you can, avoid going on dates with Rudy Giuliani...unless you like having sweat wiped all over your arm.