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Resurfaced Clip Of Rihanna Awkwardly Talking About Nonbinary People Has Twitter Cracking Up

A video of the singer talking about 'nonbinary people of all appropriations' is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 4 presented by Prime Video

An old video of pop star Rihanna's awkward attempt at talking about nonbinary people is making the rounds, and it's got Twitter in stitches.

In the video, taken from the launch of the singer's Savage X Fenty fashion line, Rihanna talks about her designs being for everyone, no matter their identity.

At least that's what it seems like she was trying to say?

It's honestly kind of impossible to tell, because when it came time to mention gender presentations? Well, things went off the rails real fast.

See for yourself below.

The word salad comes as Rihanna is presenting the boxer briefs she designed, which are intended to be worn by whoever wants to wear them. Which come to think of it is one of the ways she could have easily described them.

Instead she said... whatever this is:

“I designed some boxer briefs that both men and women, and nonbinary people of all, um… gender… appropriations… and the pronouns… everyone is included.”

You heard her, people of all gender appropriations and the pronouns, go get you some boxer briefs.

The phrase "gender appropriations" would honestly be a bit dicey in many people's hands, but thankfully it seems like Rihanna pretty much has no idea what she's saying. As one tweeter put it, "she was just saying sh*t."

But first, Twitter has to get its laughs out, and boy (or girl, or gender appropriations and the pronouns) have they been having a good time with this one.

In the end, it's the thought that counts, and Rihanna should be applauded for creating a fashion line without any boundaries.

Or gender appropriations and pronouns.