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Ricky Schroder Mocked After Claiming A 'Demon' Lies At The Heart Of Pride Month On Instagram

Ricky Schroder Mocked After Claiming A 'Demon' Lies At The Heart Of Pride Month On Instagram
Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Former child star, gun rights advocate and conspiracy theorist Ricky Schroder is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons after claiming demons are secretly behind LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

Schroder made the claim in a post on his Instagram Story earlier this week, joining his fellow conservative conspiracy theorists—like Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene—in having a meltdown over LGBTQ+ Pride Month—a yearly tradition for 53 years and counting.

See Schroder's take on Pride Month below.

The truth, Schroder claimed, is right there in the phrase itself.

Take out the P, R, I, T and H and what do you get?


That's right—DEMON!

It may seem absurd, but that is literally what Schroder posted.

With a heading that read, "A little hint at what dwells at the heart of 'pride month'..." Schroder posted a graphic that showed the words "Pride Month" being reduced to the middle five letters that spell out the word "demon."

And lest you think that's not enough proof of Satan's hand in Pride Month, Schroder included a Bible verse.

The caption reads:

"The Bible says of the Prince of Devils that ... 'he is a king of all the children of pride.' Job 41:34."

Given Pride Month didn't exist until 1969 and scholars say the Book of Job was written sometime between six- and nine-thousand years ago, it's almost certain Job was not talking about LGBTQ+ Pride Month but rather, you know, just plain old pride?

But Schroder reps for the Qanon-affiliated "Freedom Convoy" and filmed himself proudly being an a-hole to Costco and museum employees for wearing masks, so...

In any case, people on Twitter had a good time making fun of Schroder for his post.

Careful out there among those lurking demons this month, everyone!