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People Are Revealing The Most Ordinary Things They've Never Done, And We're Totally Blown Away.

istetiana/Getty Images, @sharonodea/Twitter

There are simple, ordinary things in life that we assume everyone has done. But that's not always true. Apparently, there are plenty of ordinary things people have never done, and thanks to a Twitter post from photographer Paul Clarke, we're about to find out what those things are.

Paul Clarke posted about an ordinary thing his dad has never done, and an ordinary thing he has never done.

The post ended with a simple question:

This simple post has sparked a plethora of responses:

The responses range from things most people do once in a while to things many of us do daily.

While some of the comments seem to be wider based, others were very specific:

Paul Clark even responded to a few of his favorites:

Not everyone was proud. Some folks had a hard time believing there were people who had never had tea, eaten cheese, or changed a tire. Others simply explained their reasoning behind their comments.

In an era full of pop culture references, and convenience everything, it is a shock and a pleasure to see there are folks who haven't taken full advantage of these.